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external pushbutton straight

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As the name already states, this key element is settled. By the external push button the Bowden cable leaves straight to the way of the key of the casing. If this kind of exit is necessary depends on the transfer of the Bowden cable and on the use. By the transfer should be attended to fix the rope with a radius as little as possible, because every additional radius produces friction. The casing has the measurement 30 x 30 mm. The push button is available as high, half-high and flat model. The diameter of the button is Ø 24 mm. Who would rather like to use a smaller push button can fall back on our mini key elements. With a measurement 20 x 20 mm of the casing and a button diameter of Ø 13 mm this key element hardly strikes. The gear ratio of this push button is 1:1. 28 anodized colours and 200 plastic colours are available. The lengths of ropes are normally available from 250 mm to 1500 mm in steps of 250 mm. Of course, special lengths are also possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We have fixed the maximum tractive power of the rope to 800 gramme.