AWP-GmbH established since 1997

Innovative release systems for blockable gas springs have ensured AWP since 1997 the satisfaction of more than 1000 customers from many differnt branches like the furniture industry, rehabilitation and medicine technology, automotive industry, fitness and sports equipment industry and many other of the industrial manufacturing which are using blockable gas springs. By our competent knowledge about release systems for gas springs and the co-operation with our customers we always find the best solutions for your applications. Not without reason our release systems were already distinguished several times by international jurors.

As the first company in the world we have successfully developed a release systems for blockable gas springs which reduce the necessary release force of the gas spring mechanically up to 97%. The application fields for using blockable gas springs thereby have been extended. At place of ungainly lever mechanics a small push button can be used for many applications to activate the gas springs. By using the Easy Release Systems of AWP you need very low force to regulate the gas spring activation. Costly constructions and big activity elements belong to the past. By miniaturization of the activity elements new design possibilities were opened which are attractive and form beauty. The piston speed of the gas spring is infinitely regulable and grants therefore a maximum in flexibility. An optimum adaptation of the elements which are steered by the gas spring is given by the millimetre-exact adjusting possibility of the gas spring piston. The assembly is easy and occurs without special tools. The release heads are maintenance-free and easy to use by screwing on the tread of the gas spring. Our release heads are thereby adaptable, trouble-free and universally applicable and raise therefore the quality and the comfort of the end products.

On the following sides we introduce to you our range of products. We are surethat we also have the right and suitable release head and activity element for your use.